Customs Agency CARITA

Provide service to national or international clients that require
customs clearance for imports and exports


Creation and improvement for logistics work flows
to move merchandise.


Advisory and orientation in procedures and
different customs procedures or foreign trade procedures.


Delivery, recollection and towing
nationally or internationally

We are a customs agency with over 30 years of experience in customs procedures and we have joined experience and innovation in these procedures to carry out customs clearances.

Our personnel is highly qualified in tariff classification, this way you will be aware of the requirements and duties you need to pay for your operation; likewise, we specialize in managing imports and exports of any type of merchandise, you can be sure you will receive the best attention in a timely manner, as well as the best costs since we do not incur in unnecessary expenditures such as unnecessary warehouse or overtime other than planned.

Another specialty that makes us stand out is providing consulting and advisory in foreign trade matters, we provide this service personally and thus, we will always be at your side providing you with better options and advisory regarding your operation and this way you can make the best decisions for your freight.

We are aware that the international or national logistics are necessary in the globalized world and therefore our services are not limited to a specific market, our market niche is imports and exports. Every one of our services are provided in the same way to every kind of company, whether it is a small company, medium-sized or a large one, we provide the same quality service which is what sets us apart.

carita-mini CARITA, Consultoría Asesoría y Representación Internacional en Tramites Aduanales.

Norte 17 #293 PB
Col. Moctezuma 2da Sección,
Del. Venustiano Carranza,
México DF 15530
Tel. 55 1114 0629

Customs Agency

Attention to import and export for customs in: Mexico City International Airport, Manzanillo, Nuevo Laredo, Veracruz, Pantaco, Lazaro Cardenas and Tijuana.

Customs and Foreign Trade Consulting and Advisory

Orientation regarding starting up imports and exports to achieve a grand entrance to the goal market, whether it is national or international.

Management and representation

Aware of the different necessary requirements and permits by the authority to carry out certain type of operations, imports or exports, we take on the task of carrying out said procedures and save time.

Logistics and Transportation

Service for national and international delivery of different merchandise offering competitive that does not affect the import or export cost. This includes conditioning of the merchandise so that it is not harmed.